Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan

Why we recommend purchasing an Annual Maintenance Plan

An HVAC system is typically the most expensive appliance in your home. It controls all of the heating and cooling in your home 24/7. Protecting your investment and ensuring that you are comfortable in your home is what an annual maintenance plan is designed for.

We designed a maintenance plan like no other.

The Titanium Maintenance Plan is the most comprehensive plan on the market.

Heating and air conditioning breakdowns can be a scary and expensive. The Titanium Plan offers solutions to alleviate these fears;

Keeping your HVAC system tuned up and efficient

24 point cooling & heating inspection

Wait times for scheduling service calls

Priority scheduling for Titanium Members

Indoor air quality

Evaporator coil sanitization

Living beachside and dealing with corrosion

Members get 20% off corrosion protection packages

When you need a new system

Titanium members get 10% off new system installation

Refrigerant leaks

2 pounds of refrigerant FREE

Extending the life of your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Titanium members on average extend the life of their system 2-5 years compared to equipment that is not maintained

Reducing electric bills and costly HVAC repairs

Titanium members have a potential savings of $4,000 per year when using all benefits included

Drain clogs and water overflow

FREE Drain cleaning and flushing

FREE service calls

4 FREE service calls per year

Join over 200 active Titanium Members by booking your first tune-up today! Our Member retention rate is over 95% Book your first Titanium tune up or service call today



per year


Extended Your AC lifespan 2-5 Years on Average


Potential Savings