HVAC Maintenance

We offer the following services for HVAC maintenance:

All HVAC manufacturers recommend having yearly maintenance completed on your equipment for several reasons. Failure to maintain your AC system may cause.

Lower Electric bills

If your air conditioning system is not working correctly it will cause higher than normal electric bills.Your air conditioning system accounts for up to 60% of your electric bill. That is a huge portion of your electricity bill. Something as simple as regular HVAC maintenance can help ensure your system is running as efficient as possible to save you money.

Longer lifespan

Regular HVAC maintenance will decrease the likelihood of major breakdowns. During a tune up the air conditioning system has a 24 point inspection completed to make sure all parts of the system are working properly. Major breakdowns that cause early replacement of equipment are less likely because of this.

Better Comfort

A properly maintained air conditioning system will easily control humidity levels, so that indoor air feels comfortable and not stagnant. Maintained equipment can cool or heat the home quickly and efficiently.

Quiet Operation

Maintained HVAC equipment will run quite as motors are lubed, cleaned and inspected. Coils and filters are cleaner, causing less restrictions.

Less costly repairs

Larger HVAC repairs are typically caused by small issues that are left unattended to for too long. Having your air conditioner inspected and tuned up often will decrease the likelihood of prolonged issues.

Why we recommend Annual Maintenance Plans

An HVAC system is typically the most expensive appliance in your home. It controls all of the heating and cooling in your home 24/7. Protecting your investment and ensuring that you are comfortable in your home is what an annual maintenance plan is designed for.

We designed a maintenance plan like no other.

The Titanium Maintenance Plan is the most comprehensive plan on the market.

It includes FREE service calls, heating and cooling inspections, drain cleanings, priority service, discounts and more.

We offer several anti corrosion packages

Living on the coast is beautiful, but corrosion is a real issue with air conditioning systems near the beach in Melbourne Florida. HVAC manufacturers do not cover rust and corrosion under the parts warranty. Homeowners that live beachside encounter having to replace full AC systems with in a few years of installation because of this.

We offer several products and services to help protect your AC system from salt and corrosion. These solutions can help extend the life of your system by years.

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