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Is preventative maintenance really worth it?

HVAC manufactureer warranties do not cover rust and corrosion so protect them

Rust and corrosion is one of the biggest reasons for HVAC malfunction. Air conditioning leaks are caused mainly by corrosion of the copper line-set and are very expensive repairs. Compressors that get extremely rusty will leak refrigerant and are unrepairable. Fan motor shafts that get overly rusted will sieze and cause them to burn out.

Dirt, mildew and mold can easily accumulate and grow in your HVAC System and ductwork

If you have Central HVAC, the quality of the air you breathe in your home is controlled by how clean the system is. HVAC coils commonly accumulate dirt, dust, and mildew as a result of improper filtration and cleaning. If contaminants are left to sit in a damp dark environment, they can grow dangerous molds that can effect your health and allergies negatively. After all internal parts of the air conditioning system and ductwork become extremely dirty, cleaning becomes very difficult. We do not recommend duct cleaning becuase it has been found to brush up even more dangerous particles and fiberglass in the air. Duct cleanings have also been found to damage ductwork and cause leaks in the system.