Indoor Air Quality
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Indoor air quality can impact your life.
Would you drink unfliltered water from a lake?
Probably not. So then why breathe unfiltered or poorly filtered air?
The quality of the air you breathe is extremely important for your health. Allergies, respiratory illnesses, and asthma are aggravated by poorly filtered air. Studies even show these conditions can be caused by mold, mildew, dust, pollen and pollutants.

Top 10 reasons to use proper HVAC Filtration:

  • 1.) Keeps your HVAC system clean
  • 2.) Keeps your ductwork clean
  • 3.) Prevents motor burn up from dust accumulation
  • 4.) Prevents costly coil or duct cleanings
  • 5.) Extends lifespan of HVAC system
  • 6.) Reduces Allergies
  • 7.) Reduces Respiratory flare-ups
  • 8.) Your home stays cleaner longer
  • 9.) Your home smells better
  • 10.) You breathe easier
Did you know the number one reason for poor indoor air quality is not using clean filters?
Filters should be the proper size, type, and changed regularly, to not cause lack of airflow. Size can be obtained by measuring the opening of your filter return opening.

Filter Type:

  • 1.) Washable Filters- These are the least effective way to filter your air. Washable filters have large pockets that let the majority of fine dust pass right through them. This type of filter is the most cost effective option but do not stop enough dust particles to be an effective solution. We do no recommend standard washable filters for a Central HVAC system.
  • 2.) Pleated Filters- These are typically called “throw-away” filters. These can be an effective solution for HVAC filtration. We however recommend MERV rated filters. The MERV rating determines how much dust is removed by the filter. Cheaper pleated filters do not list the MERV rating and have their own rating system, which is not validated. We recommend up to a MERV rating of 11 for 1″ pleated filters, and up to a MERV rating of 8 for 5″ filters.
  • 3.) Electronic Air Filtration Systems- An electronic air filter is a very effective way to filter your heating and air conditioning system. Electronic filters pull dust, dirt, and pollen particles into the filter media instead of stopping them. This is the most expensive form of filtering your HVAC system.

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