HVAC Ductwork

The supply and return ductwork for your HVAC system is extremely important. It controls how much air is distributed to each supply vent in your home. When HVAC ductwork is not sealed or secured properly is causes air leaks in the ventilaion system. Air leaks can greatly decrease efficiency and cause systems to run much longer to acheive the set temperature.

Save Money

Commonly homeowners describe to us how other companies recommend expensive high SEER rated HVAC systems to save on the cost of high electric bills and after the system is installed, electric bills continue to stay high. We explain to each homeowner the importance of properly insulated and sealed ductwork. You do not want to pay to cool or heat your the attic or crawl space, it’s a waste of money.

The most common duct issues we encounter include:

  • Crushed, bent, or closed off which impedes on air flow
  • Not attached properly
  • Ductwok that has holes, tears and is leaking air
  • Ductwork with out fiberglass insulation, exposed to extreme attic temperatures
  • Moisture accumulation due to improperly sealed ductwork or insulation
  • Improperly designed ductwork with too small of a return
  • Closed off supply vents to get more flow to other vents (Do Not Do This!)
  • Too much static pressure to system.
  • Blocked air flow from pieces of insulation in ductwork
  • Ductwork containing mold, mildew and large quantities of dust
  • Blocked return vents, dirty filters or improper filtration
  • Water accumulated in return ventilation from clogged drain line

The Right Knowledge

A properly installed and maintained duct system is just as important as your HVAC system. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge to diagnose and fix ductwork issues before they permanantly damage your HVAC system or home.


“It’s Like a Cool Breeze”


Duct Inspection

We inspect for leaks, Interior/Exterior condition, and operation

Duct Sealing

Seal duct joints, tears and vulnerablilites. Save $ on electric bills.



Cleaning solution sanitizes duct work

Duct Installation

New Duct work installation and replacement of existing

Types of Ductwork


1.) Flex duct- Flexible round duct is made out of a plastic interior hose encased in metal wiring and covered with fiberglass insulation. This is the most affordable type of duct system material. It is more susceptable to tears and leaks and does not last as long as metal ductwork. Lifespan of flexible duct is usually 15-30 years.  We do not recommend duct cleanings for flex duct due to it easily causing tears and releasing toxic chemicals into the air from insulation and mold particles. The most common type of HVAC ductwork in residential Florida homes is flex duct.

2.) Metal Round Duct- Metal round duct is more common in older homes due to the cost increasing. Metal HVAC ductwork can last 50+ years if conditions are right. When insulation is degraded, the metal HVAC ductwork can be re insulated with out replacing all of the ductwork. Metal ductwork can also be cleaned in certain applications. Metal HVAC ductwork is the most expensive ductwork material.

3.) Fiberglass Ductboard- Ductboard is usually used in applications where supply boxes are fabricated. Ductboard is a similar application to flex duct, but costs are increased due to more labor involved. Ductboard is fairly durable and usually has the same lifespan as flex duct. You should not clean duckboard. Cleaning can release large quantities of insulation and mold into the air.

Duct Cleaning

At Climate Experts we do not recommend duct cleanings with machines brushes or anything that can stir up the contaminants inside the ducts. The best method for keeping clean duct system is prevention. Using good AC filters and changing them often is very important. Simply changing your filters can prevent contaminant build up in AC coils, the HVAC system and ductwork. Ultra violet Air Purifiers can be used to prevent mildew and mold build up inside your HVAC system.

Duct cleanings may also cause rips, tears and holes in the ductwork. This will greatly lower the efficiecy of your HVAC system. Cleanings may cause duct work to unattach or loosen.

Instead of duct cleanings, if ductwork is dirty we recommend duct sanitation with a special duct cleaning solution which is sprayed into ductwork and kills dangerous contaminants. Although the best option for extremely dirty ductwork is complete replacement.

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